Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Saudi Arabia announces 4 Days Holidays on the occassion of 89th Saudi National Day

Saudi Ministry announces 4 days holidays for the 89th Saudi National Day, Which is about to fall on 23rd September. The National Day holiday will starts on Friday (20th September 2019) till 23rd September 2019 (Monday), 24th September 2019 (Tuesday) will be a working day as usual. Trending : If Saudi National Day falls on Friday and Saturday Holiday will be on

The Ministry of Civil Service in Saudi Arabia announced that 22nd September (Sunday) and 23rd September 2019 (Monday) will be the days of holidays for public sector employees, Friday and Saturday are the Weekend holidays. See Also : Few unknown facts of Saudi Arabia

- Sunday (22nd September 2019) will be a holiday as one working day falls between two holidays said the Ministry in response to an inquiry on its official Twitter.

- Mean while, The Ministry of Labor and Social Development announced that the private sector employees will get a day off that is on September 23.

- Saudi National Day is celebrating ever year since 1932 to mark the formation of the Kingdom, following a series of victories over neighbouring tribes by King AbdulAziz.

- Saudi Arabia is going to arrange different festivals and events around the region of Saudi Arabia on the occassion of 89th Saudi Natioinal day. Read : Saudi is all about action not words

Saudi Arabia announces 4 Days Holidays on 89th Saudi National Day

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