Sep 22, 2017


We bring you here few unknown facts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi was established by King AbdulAziz in 1930, after uniting all the regions and traditions into one, it formed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recommend : Unknown facts of India

- Saudi Arabia has a population of 33 million, It is about 0.44% in world's population, It has more younger people, The 33 million population includes with Expatriates and citizens.

- Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and 13th largest country in the world, It is covered in 83,000 square miles of area. Related : Telecoms changed their names for 87th Saudi National Day

- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabis is the largest country in the world without a single river.

- Millions of people visits Saudi Arabia in a year from all over the world as it has the two biggest Holy Mosques Makkah and Madinah.

- Saudi Arabia is more rich in oil than any other country of the world. Similar : FlyADeal first flight to fly on 87th National day

- Riyadh's camel market is one of the largest market in the world which sells more than 100 camels per day.

- Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower construction in Jeddah is about to finish its work by 2019, which will become the new tallest building of the world, currently the tallest tower is Burj Khalifa in UAE.

- It is a country which holds 100% Mulsims citizens population. Trending : Saudi's 60% population in 20% land

- 95% of the Saudi Arabia is desert or semi desert, It is a home to the largest deserts in the world like Nafud Desert in north and Rub Al Khali in south.

- Men in Saudi wear 'Thobes' which is white in color, while women wear 'Abaya' while going out, its in balck color.

- Saudi Arabia follows both Lunar Calendar and Solar Calendar.

- National language of Saudi Arabia is 'Arabic'. See Also : Saudi National day Holiday

- Everything including shops and companies should close at the time of 'Salah (Prayer)', So that employees or its workers can peform their 'Salath', The time of close ranges in 20 to 30 minutes.

- 60% of Saudi Arabia's population is living in 20% of land and in the regions of Makkah, Madinah and Riyadh.

- Birth control is illegal in Saudi Arabia. Read : Longest railway line of Saudi

- Sorcery or Magic, Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

- Water is more expensive in Saudi Arabia than petrol. New : Saudi as Expat destination?


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