Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 17, 2019

About 3.7 Million Illegal Expats arrested in Saudi Arabia since November 2017

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested more than 3.67 million  expatriates for violating the residence permits, labor laws and border security regulations. Most Viewed : What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia how to read or know your iqama

As per the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report, out of 3.67 million arrested expatriates, 2.87 million  violated residency regulations and 567,575 violated labor laws. See Also : A Saudi man rented whole shopping mall to drive a car into it

- The campaign 'A Nation without violators' was started arresting violators from 15th November 2017 till this week, it covered all the regions of Saudi Arabia.

- The agency also said there were immediate arrests of 609,463 violators, about 469,860 expats transferred to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel permits, Nearly 50,704 expatriates to complete their travel reservations. Recommend : Riyadh's International Airport offers free WiFi

- Nearly 912,483 illegal expats have been deported till now, The Saudi authorities arrested 240,598 people who attempted to cross the borders and entering Saudi territories in which 51% were Ethiopians, 46% were Yemenis and the remaining 3% were other nationalities.

- The security guards also arrested 2,074 people were attempting to cross the borders and leave Saudi Arabia illegally. The total number of Saudi nationals who were arrested for transporting or employing illegal expatriates are 1,533, Out of which 1,418 of them were completed their legal procedures and released remaining 115 are still being probed. Read : Free baby vaccination in Saudi government hospitals


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