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 Saudi Arabia's HR Ministry clarifies on Salary rise and allowances to a Worker

The labor ministry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stated that the employment contract is the important factor in the payment of salary and allowances. See Also : Salaries in Saudi Arabia to increase this Year 2024

"Specifying the salary and benefits is dependent upon a mutually agreed upon agreement between the parties involved, the employment contract, or the regulations of the company that employs you," said the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia.

- This came from the Ministry in a clarification to a query from an employee who claimed to have worked for an unnamed company for nine years without a raise in allowances or salary.

- Saudi Arabia has been trying to control its labor market and make it more appealing and competitive in recent years because of its big expat workforce. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia earns more than 1.8 billion riyals in movie ticket sales within 2 years

Having two jobs : 

The Saudi government's labor ministry declared in November that private sector employees in the kingdom are legally allowed to work two jobs simultaneously.

- However, the relevant authorities made a note of the need to review the worker's employment contract and the bylaws of the employing establishment to rule out any provisions that would prohibit them from holding two jobs simultaneously in such a situation.

- The Ministry of Human Resources also announced an authentication plan last year through its Qiwa platform. Under this plan, private sector institutions are required to verify 20% of their employees contracts in the first quarter of the year 2023, 50% in the second half, and 80% in the third quarter.

- The plan's goals are to uphold the rights of all parties involved in the contract, provide a stable work environment that encourages employees to be more productive, and ultimately increase the number of jobs available in the kingdom. Recommend : Local Hajj pilgrims to be compensated in Saudi Arabia for Housing violations

- Major labor reforms, including an enhanced sponsorship system, have been implemented by Saudi Arabia in the year 2020.

- The following year, the changes were put into force, regulating the issuing of exit and re-entry visas for expatriate workers without employers approval and allowing employment transfers.

- After a legally binding employment contract expires, employees with mobility rights can move between companies without their current employer's approval.

- Meanwhile, expat workers can now apply for a request to go outside of Saudi Arabia without their employers consent thanks to revisions to the exit and re-entry visa system. Read : Domestic Haj pilgrims to be compensated on meals delay

HR Ministry clarifies on Salary rise and allowances to a Worker -

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