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Saudi Arabia issues guidelines on formal wearing of Traditional cloak bisht

The relevant Saudi authorities have put out an announcement with rules about how certain types of people and officials should wear the traditional men's cloak bisht at work and at formal events. Arab men traditionally wear a bisht (a long robe) over their thobes. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

People who are emirs or deputy emirs of provinces, governors, ministers (including ministers with excellent rank), assistant ministers and deputy ministers, officials holding the 15th rank or its equivalent, heads of independent departments and their deputies, and heads of official events must wear the bisht when they enter and leave work, according to a report published in Okaz news.

- Following the circular, members of the Shoura Council must wear bisht when entering and leaving council meetings as well as while they are in session.

- Judges must also wear a bisht when they enter and leave the courtroom and during trials. They are also told to wear bisht when entering and leaving the courts and during hearings. This includes prosecutors from the Public Prosecution and workers of the Prosecution Unit at the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha). Trending : Saudi Arabia lifts 3-Years ban on expats, who failed to return on exit re-entry visa

- The reported circular also says that women in the above-mentioned groups must always wear the official women's dress. Both the Ministry of Media and Nazaha are in charge of keeping an eye on people who wear bisht and taking action when they violate the rules or are careless about following them.

- What is written in this circular does not modify any orders or instructions that apply to the following.

- People who are required to wear the bisht by any other group of people or by the internal procedures of any organization and jobs and specialties that need clothing other than the official uniform. Recommend : Hajj Ministry announces compensation on meals delay for domestic Hajj pilgrims

Saudi Arabia issues guidelines on formal wearing of Traditional cloak bisht -

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