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Trojena mountains of Saudi Arabia gets another Snowfall in February

On Friday, the Trojena Mountains were covered with snow for the second time this February. Trojena, also known as the Mountains of NEOM, is a component of the NEOM giga metropolis project situated 50 km northwest of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia. Trending Video : Hefty fine for violating Security Surveillance camera regulations

During winter, the snow-capped Trojena Mountains become an ideal destination for many locals, particularly those who appreciate nature and adventure. Trojena experienced a two-month delay in snowfall compared to last year due to the exceptionally mild climate.

- For the second time this year, snow has fallen on the Al-Lawz Mountains, northwest of Tabuk. This coincides with the exceptionally warm weather that has delayed snowfall on the Al-Lawz Mountains by over two months compared to previous year.

- While the rest of Saudi Arabia is enjoying a mild winter with no reports of subzero temperatures, snow falls in the Mountains of Trojena. National Center of Meteorology (NCM) spokesman Hussein Al-Qahtani recently stated that this winter is considered warm compared to previous years. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia is first in world in terms of Tourism growth

- He also mentioned that no minimum temperature was recorded, unlike previous years when it was seven degrees Celsius below zero. Al-Qahtani did say that cold waves could still hit in the coming days, though.

- According to the NCM, the warm winter was caused by the sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, which have been increasing and decreasing at a quick pace recently, as well as the removal of humid southern breezes from the atmosphere of the Kingdom, particularly in the north of the country. Because of this, the temperature warmed significantly, and the quadruple season ended without registering a notable decrease.

- Covering an area of 60 square kilometers, the Trojena Mountains have a height ranging from 1500 to 2600 meters above sea level. Trojena enjoys a mild environment all year round, with somewhat lower average temperatures than the surrounding area. Recommend : Fine for changing lanes without using side indicators

- An iconic, world-class destination, Trojena will merge natural and constructed environments as part of the NEOM project. It will offer unique human-centric experiences to both inhabitants and visitors.

Trojena mountains gets another Snowfall in February -

Trojena mountains gets another Snowfall in February -

Trojena mountains gets another Snowfall in February -

Trojena mountains gets another Snowfall in February -

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