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Fine for not using side Indicators before changing lanes in Saudi Arabia

The General Traffic Department in Saudi Arabia clarified the fine imposed for not using a turn signal or indicator before changing lanes. The Saudi Moroor also specified the conditions for turning right at Red signal. Trending : Local Hajj registrations open now in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Moroor through its official X handle said that, changing lanes without using a turning signal is a traffic violations and its fine ranges from 150 riyals to 300 riyals.

- The Traffic authority explained that, using turn signal before changing lanes maintains traffic safety and contributes to avoiding the risk of collision.

Rules for turning Right at a Red signal :

1. Before turning to right, you have to stop to make sure the intersection is clear and to let people coming the other way have priority.

2. If there is a triangle at the crossing angle, you have to turn before it. If you turn after the triangle, it is considered as the the signal violation. Recommend : Automated monitoring of violations related to Buses and Trucks in Saudi Arabia

3. If it's a major road without service, you have to stay in the right lane before you can turn.

4. If there is a main road and a service road, you have to go around in your car on the service road and stay in the right lane before you turn.

5. Not going right when there is a red traffic light, an illuminated red arrow, or a sign that says "Do Not Turn Right." Breaking this rule is called "interrupting the signal."

- This clarification from traffic department came in response to a question from a beneficiary on its official X account. The beneficiary said, "When stopping at the signal and taking a right turn, there is no violation, but there is maintenance at the right corner, which forced me to avoid maintenance and turn." When I turned right, Saher took a picture of me. Is this seen as a violation? Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia sets dress code for Bus drivers

Fine for not using side Indicators before changing lanes in Saudi Arabia -

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