Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Automated monitoring of Violations by Trucks and Buses from 21st April in Saudi Arabia

The Transport General Authority (TGA) in Saudi Arabia announced the automated monitoring of trucks and buses violating traffic laws would begin on April 21 in several parts of the Kingdom. Trending : Traffic violations of non-Saudi vehicles

Transportation of goods, renting trucks, traveling buses on foreign trips, and renting buses are all types of trucks and buses that fall under this. The goal of the new directive is to make traffic safer and get more trucks and buses to follow the rules and technical standards set by the authority.

- Taking this action helps improve the quality and efficiency of services, make sure they operate on time, and lower carbon emissions. This helps reach the goals of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services and can be seen in the growth and long-term success of the Kingdom's public transportation and logistics sector.

- Starting from April 21, violations like driving a truck or bus without an operating card, driving a truck or bus with an expired card, and the bus's operational life coming to an end will be immediately monitored, as per TGA. Most Viewed : Filipinos workforce in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries

- One of the authority's strategic goals is to move to a digital world, and they confirmed that the plan for the automatic monitoring system for trucks and buses which violates the rules, which is part of the advanced traffic safety project, is in line with the TGA's instructions for planning and organizing transportation activities.

- Using the newest technologies to improve the transportation system, automated surveillance is one of the most important regulatory projects. This is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 to make life better in all places across the Kingdom. Read : Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 years

Automated monitoring of Violations by Trucks and Buses from 21st April -

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