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Non-Saudi vehicles must be drive by their citizens - Saudi Moroor

Vehicles with license plates from countries other than Saudi Arabia can be drive only by that country citizens, according to the General Department of Traffic (Moroor) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trending : Why is VPN ban in Saudi Arabia

As a reminder, the department highlighted the need to carefully follow the traffic rules in this case and warned that people who fail to do so will be punished by fines and vehicle seizures.

- Saudi Moroor told all the traffic patrol teams to keep an eye on cars with license plates that don't belong to Saudi Arabia to see if they are violating the rules. There have been a lot more cars with number plates that are not from Saudi Arabia.

- Some citizens violate the rules of the road and the Saher automatic traffic tracking system by driving cars with license plates from other countries to avoid being watched. The directive was made to stop them. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia sets fine for feeding Baboons

- The Traffic Department said that the automatic monitoring system would keep an eye on vehicles with non-Saudi license plates that break the rules. They also stated that drivers in Saudi Arabia need to be careful to follow traffic rules and instructions to keep themselves and other people safe on the road.

- The Traffic authority advised Gulf tourists and others to call the Traffic Department to find out what violations were made and how to pay the fines.

- The department had previously asked owners of cars with non-Saudi license plates that had been in the Kingdom for more than six months to contact the main traffic departments in their various Saudi regions to change the status of their cars. Read : New rules for Gasoline stations and service centers

- It was also made clear that owners of these kinds of vehicles must personally call the main regional traffic departments with proof of ownership, fill out the necessary forms, and present a document stating that there are no financial claims in the country where the vehicle was registered.

- The department warned that the violating cars and their owners would be punished immediately after the deadline for making changes to their status expired. 

Non-Saudi vehicles must be drive by their citizens - Saudi Moroor -

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