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1000 riyals fine for failing to notify visitors with a visible sign of CCTV camera use

One thousand riyals is the penalty for companies covered by the provisions of the security surveillance system that do not have a visible signs or plates indicating that they are monitored and the place is equipped with cameras, according to the General Traffic Department (Moroor) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trending video : World's highest hanging prayer room is now in Saudi Arabia

"Saudi Moroor" clarified in a tweet published on its official account on the "X" stating that violation of any provision of the law will result in penalty "without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated by another law, every person of a special natural or legal capacity subject to the provisions of the law on the use of security surveillance cameras."

- There is a 1,000 riyal fine for any violation of the law's regulations regarding the placement of a visible sign indicating the presence of surveillance cameras in the areas covered by the system.

- The individual or entity against whom a penalty decision was made has the option to submit a grievance with the Administrative Court within 60 days of being notified of the decision, according to the administration. Recommend : MHRSD clarifies on Salary rise and allowances to a worker

Additional penalties in Saudi Arabia involving surveillance cameras:

* Failure to meet the technical requirements outlined in the conditions document will result in a fine of 500 riyals.

* For any camera that was not set up according to the instructions in the manual, there will be a fee of 1000 riyals.

* A Fine of 5,000 riyals will be imposed in the event that the video recordings have not been stored for a period of 90 days.

* Anyone found guilty of transferring or publishing recordings, or damaging or destroying security surveillance camera systems or recordings, may be fined 20,000 riyals. Join Saudi Expatriates WhatsApp channel

1000 riyals fine for not having a visible sign of CCTV camera use -

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