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Kiswah of the Holy Kaaba lifted from the Ground, marking the beginning of Hajj Season

Marking the beginning of Hajj season 2023 (1444 AH), the lower part of the Kiswah of Holy Kaaba was raised by three meters on the Friday evening, with the participation of the General President for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

The raised part was covered with a white cotton cloth (ihram), about 2 meters wide on all the four sides of the Holy Kaaba.

- It is usual to remove the Kaaba's covering before the Hajj season in order to replace it with a new one, which coincides with the performance of the Hajj ceremonies. Truly a Miracle : Children found alive in a forest, after 40 days of plane crash

- This is to prevent pilgrims from touching, damaging or tampering the Kaaba Kiswah, it will raised in every Hajj season. Many people are keen to touch the Kiswah while doing Tawaf, which results in damage of Kiswah. While few pilgrims try to cut pieces of Kiswa as they think it will bring good luck to them, if they keep in their homes. The Kaaba kiswah will be bring back to its old position once the Hajj season finishes.

- Lifting the lower part of the Kiswa comes for the purpose of preserving the cleanliness and integrity of the Kiswa and preventing tampering with it, indicating that what some pilgrims do is cut some parts from the Kaaba black cloth. Once the Hajj season is over, the Kaaba covering will be back to normal.

- The Kaaba Kiswah is lifted in six stages, beginning with the untying of the bottom from all sides and the corners at a height of three meters. Next, the lower rope is loose and removed from the throat, the Kaaba Kiswah is wrapped at a height of three meters, paralleled at one height, and then fixed. Untie the three lanterns and the perspiration from each side, then stitch the white cloth to each side, install the lanterns on the white cloth, and then sew the sweat back together. The final step is to wrap the lower portion of the curtain. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia is welcoming international Hajj pilgrims from 6 airports

- A group of experts from the King Abdulaziz Complex raises the Kaaba's curtain for the Kiswa of the Holy Kaaba, which involves folding the Kaaba's curtain covered with a piece of black silk on which verses from the Holy Quran are inscribed at the top. This raises the Kaaba's curtain from ridiculousness and gives sectarians the chance to witness the raising of the Kaaba's curtain.

- The wise leadership gave the Kaaba Kiswah great care and attention throughout the year as a continuation of the Saudi government's interest in the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors and facilities in general, and in the Holy Kaaba in particular, ever since its founding at the hands of the late, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud.

- Every year, a new Kiswah will be made at the factory and it will be ready before 2 months of every Hajj. It costs nearly 20 million Saudi Riyals. The Kiswah of Kaaba will replace the old one with new one under the supervision of the Presidency and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. See Also : Advice for Hajj pilgrims from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

Kiswah of the Holy Kaaba lifted from the Ground, marking the beginning of Hajj Season -

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