Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, June 10, 2023

Jawazat clarifies on Job Transfer of Domestic worker in case of Huroob or Absent From Work

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia revealed the conditions and steps for transferring a domestic worker, and whether it is possible to transfer a domestic worker in the case of a report of Huroob (Absent From Work) or not. Trending : 4 children including an infant found alive in a forest, after 40 days of their plane crash

This came as an inquiry from one of the beneficiaries to the Jawazat, asking, I am a domestic worker and I am in Huroob status, Can I transfer and the new sponsor is not satisfied with the Absent From Work status.

- Responding it, Saudi Jawazat confirmed that registered and authorized citizens on the Absher platform can transfer domestic worker services online, with the following conditions.

* The current employer waived the services of the domestic worker through the Absher platform. Read : Permissible age for issuing Saudi Labor visa

* The approval of the domestic worker and the new employer to request the transfer of services through Absher within 7 days.

* The record of the new employer and domestic worker must be free of traffic violations.

* The domestic worker should not be registered as Huroob or Absent From Work in the system.

* The maximum number of transfers for domestic worker services is only 4 times. Recommend : Saudi Arabia approves health insurance for domestic workers

* It is required that there be 15 days or more in Iqama of the domestic worker upon assignment.

* Pay the Transfer service fee.

Jawazat clarifies on Job Transfer of Domestic worker in case of Huroob -

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