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Receiving these 3 vaccinations is must for Domestic Hajj pilgrims and here is the deadline for it

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia announced the mandatory vaccinations that need to complete by pilgrims in order to perform Hajj this year 2023 (1444 AH). Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

1. The Hajj Ministry stated that before performing Hajj this year, pilgrims need to complete all the doses of Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccines.

2. The pilgrims also need to receive the seasonal flu vaccine, if they have not received in this season. Recommend : Few interesting facts about Hajj

3. The Ministry added that those who did not take the meningococcal vaccine in the last 5 years should receive it.

- Pilgrims can schedule appointment to receive the vaccinations through the Sehhaty app and that it is available in all health facilities until 10 days before the Hajj. Earlier, the Ministry confirmed the deadline for the pilgrims to receive mandatory vaccinations is 10 days before the start of Hajj rituals.

- Receiving all the vaccinations is must in order to perform Hajj pilgrims this year for domestic pilgrims, added the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. See Also : Vaccinations are available for Hajj, you can also go direct to health centers without appointment

- The ministry began distributing Hajj permits on Friday for domestic pilgrims who have finished paying the fees for the packages they have reserved with the organizations for offering Hajj pilgrimage services.

- If seats are available in the packages designated for the domestic pilgrims, the registration for Hajj permits will remain open until the 7th of Dhu Al-Hijjah, or June 25.

- Vacancies may occur as a result of late payments or as a result of citizens' and residents' cancellation of reservations for a different reasons. Most Viewed : A simple guide of Hajj pilgrimage

- If additional reservations for local pilgrims available, according to the ministry, they will be made accessible for booking on its website or through the Nusuk app.

Receiving these 3 vaccinations is must for Domestic Hajj pilgrims and here is the deadline for it -

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