Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, May 15, 2023

National Address services are now available via Absher, including registrations and modifications

Users of the Absher electronic platform of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia can now use National Address services, according to a joint announcement from the Absher and the Saudi Post (SPL). Most Viewed : 8 things of employment contract in Saudi Arabia

Beneficiaries of the Absher will be able to register, examine, and modify their National Addresses as well as access other National Addresses related services through the platform.

- Those wishing to benefit from the National Address services can access the service by logging in to the Absher platform, then choosing "Electronic Services", then "My Services", then General Services and then by selecting the National Address Service. Recommend : Procedure to apply for Family visit visa of Saudi Arabia

- The Absher platform stated that it is possible to register a new address, see addresses that have already been registered, update addresses, add and remove users, and print documentation of addresses that have already been registered.

- It is noteworthy that the national address is the geographic identity of individuals, follows to international standards, and entitles the Saudi citizen or resident expatriate to complete his or her business or governmental transactions conveniently and from his or her place of residence.

- This is made possible by a unified and comprehensive addressing system for all regions and cities of the Kingdom, which helps to speed up the implementation of services without the need to review those agencies. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

National Address services are now available via Absher -

National Address services are now available via Absher -

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