Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, May 14, 2023

Death of a Lebanese child, whose heart stopped from fear, because of Tik Tok

A little Lebanese boy named Muhammad Istanbouli's heart stopped when he saw a bunch of young guys making a video in the Lebanese city of Tyre while they were wearing scary clothing, swords in their hands, and carrying cameras. Read : Do not endanger your kid by allowing them out of car window - Saudi Moroor

The 7-year-old kid was laid to rest in the city, surrounded by a large crowd, and in a state of deep sorrow and rage over the tragedy that claimed his life.

- The incident happened as the young boy was playing in a neighbourhood near his home when he noticed four young people acting out a terrible scene on their Tik Tok accounts while dressed in terrifying masks, dark clothing, and carrying swords. Recommend : 7 risks of excessive use of electronic devices

- The father of the child, whose death was directly related to the heart muscle stopping, filed a direct complaint against those responsible, according to the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.

- According to Afif Khafaja, the forensic doctor in charge of the case, there were no wounds, blows, or other marks on the dead child's body, suggesting that there was only a minor scratch on his nose and that whatever happened was an accident because he most likely had a stomach issue. Cardiac arrest has occurred despite not being diagnosed. See Also : 5 most used social media platforms in the world

Death of a Lebanese child, whose heart stopped from fear, because of Tik Tok

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