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7 risks of excessive use of Electronic devices - Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has warned of several negative effects and dangers resulting from unlimited exposure to electronic devices and called all to pay attention to their health. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

The Health Ministry in its awareness program "Live Healthy" on Twitter explained that, unlimited contact with electronic devices results in the following damages. Trending : Saudi new Transit visa terms and conditions

1. Back pain and Neck pain.

2. Shoulder strain.

3. Wrist pain

4. Eye strain

5. Sleep disorders

6. Anxiety

7. Headache and Stress.

- The Ministry called everyone to limit their exposure to electronic devices in order to get its positives without its negatives.

Here are the negative effects of electronic devices :

1. Increased Risk of Injury : With the ever increasing use of electronic devices has come, an increased risk of injury due to their use. Whether it is from

* Playing video games for too long

* Spending too much time in front of a computer

- These activities can lead to physical fatigue, headaches and even something as serious as carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Issues with Vision : Spending extended periods staring at small screens can cause eyestrain and may even lead to vision problems like nearsightedness or astigmatism. The blue light emitted by some devices has also been linked to eye damage over time if not properly protected against with things like anti-glare screens or smart phone settings that reduce the blue light output on certain devices.

3. Loss of Sleep : Staring at a screen right before bedtime can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm which can lead to lack of sleep or poor quality sleep over time. Many people find themselves staying up late into the night catching up on emails, scrolling through social media feeds or watching shows when they should be winding down for bedtime which eventually takes its toll on their energy levels throughout the day. See Also : 2 health issues for those who are always following negative news

4. Reduced Productivity : Studies have shown that excessive use of electronic devices actually reduces productivity in both work and school environments as users are more likely to be distracted by notifications from apps than focusing on whatever task is at hand leading them away from completing said tasks efficiently and effectively.

7 risks of excessive use of Electronic devices - Ministry of Health -

7 risks of excessive use of Electronic devices - Ministry of Health -

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