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14 Traffic violations for which the fine is not less than 3,000 riyals and not more than 6,000 SR

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia confirmed that driving in the opposite direction, exposes the driver and those around you to serious accidents. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo messenger

Saudi Moroor through its official Twitter handle said that, driving in the opposite direction in order to shorten the distance or time or to escape the crowds is an act that endangers the lives of the driver and the others around him.

Driving in the opposite direction of Traffic in Saudi Arabia :

The Saudi Moroor had reviewed traffic violations, the fine of which is not less than 3,000 riyals and not more than 6,000 riyals, including the violation of driving in the opposite direction.

1. Jumping a red signal light. Most Viewed : 12 rules and advantages of new Saudi stopover visa

2. Bypassing school transport buses when they stop for loading or unloading.

3. Tampering with road signs, reflectors or sings regulating traffic.

4. Not stopping at the security control centers or checkpoints, or not stopping for the security patrol, when there is a directive or a sign that requires stopping.

5. Using unauthorized devices in the vehicle or placing slogans or posters that are contrary to public morals.

6. Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic.

7. Dodging quickly between vehicles on public roads. See Also : Is it possible to renew iqama in case of passport expiry

8. Carrying out a race for vehicles on public roads, or walking in processions without getting a permit for it.

9. Non-compliance of trucks and heavy equipment to drive in the correct lane on the multi-lane road.

10. Animal owners not to remove them from the approved road.

11. Installing equipment in the vehicle, like as official vehicles and emergency vehicles.

12. Driving public work vehicles on the roads before taking the necessary measures to avoid damage, including not keeping reflective strips on either side of vehicle's rear.

13. Vehicle is moving without a back number plate or without number plate.

14. Erasing or removing vehicle plates. Read : 7 dangers of excessive use of electronic devices

* Impounding the vehicle until the violation is removed, with regard to violations from 11 to 14.

14 Traffic violations for which the fine is not less than 3,000 riyals and not more than 6,000 SR -

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