Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, May 25, 2023

Advantages of Avocado for healthy skin, as per Specialist

Fahd Al-Saeed, a food safety and quality expert, claimed that avocados are rich in healthy fats that are good for skin health and that consuming enough of these fats is essential to preserving softness and hydration. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

The food safety expert revealed via his Twitter account that a study involving more than 700 women revealed a link between eating a lot of total fats, notably the good fats included in avocados, and having smoother, more moisturized skin.

- As UV damage to the skin can result in wrinkles and other ageing symptoms, Al-Saeed continued by saying that preliminary studies also suggests that avocado has components that may help protect the skin from sun damage. Most Viewed : Avocados are very beneficial for men

- He pointed out that vitamin E, a vital antioxidant which helps in protecting the skin from oxidative stress, is also plentiful in avocados.

- A serving of (100) grams, or around (1/2) an avocado, contains (14%) of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin E and 110% of the DV for vitamin C, he stated.

- According to a food safety expert, vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, the key structural protein responsible for maintaining the strength and health of your skin, as well as for skin health. Dry, scaly skin that is prone to bruising is a sign of vitamin C insufficiency. Trending : 8 health benefits of walking and exercise

- Another antioxidant, vitamin C works to shield the skin from oxidative harm brought on by the sun and the environment, which can cause ageing indications.

Advantages of Avocado for healthy skin, as per Specialist -

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