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5 superfoods that can give you Energy after a night of bad sleep

A recent British study identified a group of foods that can provide us with energy following a night of "bad sleep." See Also : Effects of sitting for long time

The following "5 superfoods" are beneficial for the brain, keeping you alert if you didn't get enough sleep the previous night, according to a study done by experts for the British Bed Kingdom chain of stores, which specializes in selling beds.

1. Dark Chocolate : Dark chocolate is a perfect treat for something sweet and it also increases focus.

Dark chocolate has a lot of cocoa, which gives you more energy and concentration so you can complete all of your tasks at work. They are also rich in antioxidants like magnesium, which have been linked to a number of health advantages like lowering high blood pressure and reducing migraine headaches. Read : Know the health related issues for those who works in night shift

2. Chia Seeds : Magnesium, which is high in chia seeds, helps in the battle against excessive fatigue and high levels of stress.

You can consume chia seeds by blending them into a smoothie, sprinkling them on yoghurt, or even mixing them into a salad to assist your body retain water.

3. Avocado : A medium avocado has 14 grams of fiber, as well as vitamins, minerals, and potassium, which helps to fight fatigue. Additionally, avocado is a delicious lunch option when spread on toast.

4. Sweet Potato : It is another food that has a lot of vitamin C and high levels of magnesium. Especially if you have a long day ahead of you, sweet potatoes are a terrific lunch option because they are a healthy carb. Most Viewed : Lack of sleep risks your health

5. Orange : Vitamin C and natural sugar, which is turned into glucose, the finest fuel for the brain, are both abundant in oranges. It contains just the right amount of sugar to give you rapid energy without being too much to handle and wearing you out.

Additionally, drinking orange juice can improve your memory and mental capacity throughout the day.

- "Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to your health," a Bed Kingdom spokeswoman said. You should try to get between 7 and 9 hours each night. For many people, though, this amount of time is often impractical for a variety of reasons.

- "In such cases, it is important to give your body the energy it requires throughout the day by consuming the right foods", he added. Simple examples include having an orange for breakfast or sweet potatoes for lunch. Join Saudi Expatriates imo channel

5 superfoods that can give you Energy after a night of bad sleep -

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