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New version of Sehhaty app launched, with unique features for Saudi nationals and resident Expatriates

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia launched the new version of the Sehhaty  app (My Health application), which is the unified application for providing health services to the individuals in the Kingdom by reviewing their health information and to achieve the integrated health strategy to reach a vibrant and health society. Similar : Iqama medical tests in Saudi Arabia

- The Ministry explained that the latest version of "Sehhaty" app provides many quality services and unique benefits, some of the advantages of the updated version of Sehhaty application including

* Providing a better experience for booking appointment for health.

* Reviewing medicines and prescriptions.

* Promotes practice of walking. Related : Benefits of Walking

* Special services for Women's health.

* Early warning of weather conditions for health protection like for Asthmatic, adding medicines and reminders about them.

* A search engine to easily access of services.

- The upgraded My Health application also provides a number of services by reviewing their health information, including the service of booking an appointment to document vaccinations electronically, within the services of booking and reviewing the schedule of health appointments.

- The Ministry of Health called everyone to update the application through the App Store and Play Store of their smartphones, to benefit from these services. As this platform is under the supervision of the Ministry and the extension of its mission to develop the levels of health care and services provided. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

- Sehhaty app is using more than 27 million users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it achieved more than 11 million health appointments, over 2 million registered in the Know Your Numbers service and 4 million remote appointments, in addition to 700,000 instant consultations.

Who can use the Sehhaty Platform ?

Sehhaty platform from Ministry of Health serves to all individuals, Saudi citizens and resident expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with their dependents, including children, elderly or people with special needs.

Health Platform Services :

The My Health platform provides users in the Kingdom with a wide range of health services, to facilitate the provision of integrated health care to individuals and these services includes,

1. On-spot consultations.

2. Book and review the schedule of health appointments. See Also : Rescheduling and cancellation of appointments

3. Online appointments.

4. Search for Medicine.

5. Digital Health Wallet.

6. Review Sick Leaves and Medical reports.

Steps to book an appointment with doctor online through Sehhaty app :

* Login to your Sehhaty app or Create a new account.

* Click on Services then choose the date.

* Click on Book an appointment. Recommend : Updated dose of corona vaccine is now available

* Select the type of appointment online and choose the appropriate service, facility and doctor.

* Select the appropriate date and time.

My Health application also provides a healthy family life through the following services :

1. A doctor for each family.

2. A record of children's vaccinations.

3. Your child appointments.

4. Monitoring vital signs (Know Your Number Service).

5. Calculate the foot steps.

6. Keeping a list of medicines.

7. Booking for corona test.

8. Book an appointment to receive Corona vaccine.

9. Booking appointment to receive vaccinations.

Review and Print Sick Leaves through Sehhaty app :

Now it is possible to review and print sick leaves through My Health application through the medical reports service. The Ministry stated that your leave is now easier on your mobile phones, view your sick leave or print it, after the issuance from doctor. Read : Sick Leave as per the Saudi labor law

Immediate Counseling service for Children through Sehhaty app :

The Ministry announced the availability of immediate and direct counseling service for children through My Health app. This is for your child's health, get immediate and direct advice at any time and place with ease through this application. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia launched e-certificate for children's vaccinations

New version of Sehhaty app launched, with unique features -

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