Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Updated dose of Corona vaccine is now available through Sehhaty app

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced that now it is possible to take the updated dose of the Corona(Covid-19) vaccine, by booking an appointment through Sehhaty application. See Also : Ramadan is expected to begin from this day in the Year 2023

The Saudi Health Ministry said that this updated dose of corona vaccine is available for those all (Citizens and Expatriates), who have spent 3 months after taking their last dose of the corona vaccine.

- The Ministry explained that this dose carries important updates against new variants of Covid-19, in order to improve their level of completion of Immunization that a person has reached, especially after mutants of corona still present in some countries of the world and this updated dose gives better protection against the severe disease caused by it. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia announced the return of Hajj pilgrimage 2023 at its full capacity

- The updated dose of Corona vaccine is called the binary vaccine or double dose, as it provides protection from severe disease from the original strain of the Corona virus, in addition to the Omicron variants.

- This comes from the Ministry in line with the aim of preserving the health and safety of the elderly who are eligible for vaccination and protecting them from the complications after infected with the virus.

- The Ministry of Health has launched an awareness campaign "Corona Prevention" against the new strain of Covid-19, since the beginning of the spread of the virus, to preserve the health and safety of all members of society. Trending : Health Ministry specifies the period allowed for Children to sit in front of electronic devices

- The aim of the campaign is to educate all the members of the society in their various segments and groups against the virus and to guide them to sound educational behaviors that will contribute to preventing it and limiting it spread.

Updated dose of Corona vaccine is now available through Sehhaty app -

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