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Saudi Arabia launches First Electric Public Transport Bus in Jeddah

The first Electric bus service has been started in Saudi Arabia from the Transport General Authority in the city of Jeddah, this comes inline with the efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the Kingdom by 25% by the Year 2030. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

The new electric bus can travel up to 300 km on a single charge, as is considered as one of the modern bus with high efficiency, using less than 10% electricity compared to other electric buses, as per the authority.

- The latest electric passenger buses, which are being operated by SAPTCO, will serve people within the Jeddah's public transport routes, traveling along the A7 route that connects Khalidiyah and Balad, which passing through Prince Saud Al Faisal street and Madina Road. Residents from Khalidiayh, Rowdah, ANdalus, Ruwais and Baghdadiya can access the electric bus service. Trending : Expatriates in Saudi are now allowed to use Digital iqama instead of carrying physical iqama

- The Acting Chairman of the Transport General Authority, Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih launched the bus service, in the presence of Jeddah Mayor, Saleh Al-Turki and the President of the Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) Eng. Khaled Al-Hogail.

- Dr. Al-Rumaih said the Kingdom has achieved remarkable development in the transport sector, including the type of fuel used, like hydrogen and clean fuel, in addition to electric vehicles and logistics services to reduce emissions from vehicles by 25 percent. This can be achieved through clean energy transportation, using them throughout the season in Jeddah and expanding them to different regions of Saudi Arabia.

- Regarding future plans, he added that the authority and Jeddah governorate were looking to provide public transport services in medium-sized cities like Jazan, Taif, Qassim, Sabya and Abu Arish, during the current year. The service will also be available in Tabuk, Al-Ahsa and other cities. Most Viewed : 2-days holiday on Saudi Founding Day for Public sector of Saudi Arabia

- We are working on using other alternatives for taxis and public transport, and we have several tests in order to use alternatives that reduce carbon emissions, as the aim of Saudi Vision 2030, until we reach a 45% reduction in carbon emissions in transportation, leading to clean energy, said Al-Rumiah.

- The new electric bus is in the process of being tested, as a launch to spread in all the regions of the Kingdom, where it will be tested for a whole year, to make sure it works in all weather conditions, said Saleh Al-Zuwaid, the official spokesperson of the TGA, while speaking with Al-Ekhbariya.

- The Transport General Authority in its statement said, the launching of electric public transport bus service comes within the objectives of National Strategy for Transport and Logistics services. This is also part of adopting modern methods and technologies in transport activities and services to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to raising the quality of life in central cities through environmentally friendly transportation. See Also : Hajj 2023 is available for these categories only

Saudi Arabia launches First Electric Public Transport Bus in Jeddah -

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