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 Expats are now allowed to Carry digital Iqama instead of Physical copy of it - Saudi Jawazat

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia explained that, there is no need to carry physical iqama (residence permit) or its copy for expatriates, as they can show or use their digital iqama now. Recommend : Is it possible to drive in Saudi Arabia with international license?

Saudi Jawazat clarified that, in case iqama is renewed of an expat worker or his dependents or foreign workers, then he or she can use, show or carry the digital iqama on their smartphone. There is no need to carry physical copy, or visit the Jawazat office to take a print of their renewed iqama.

- The validity of Muqeem ID Card (Iqama) is five year from the date of its issuance, however, its renewal must be done every year online through the employer's Absher platform. Trending : Saudi Airlines and Flynas now offers 96-hours Saudi Transit Visa for transit flights

- The Passports office also said that, fines will be imposed in case of failure of iqama renewal, three days after its expiry date. The fine for not renewing iqama on time is 500 riyals for the first time and 1,000 riyals for repeating the delay of iqama.

- Earlier this, the Passports office in Saudi Arabia permitted issuing of iqamas linked to work permits and renewing it for 3 months as a minimum, from the employer. Which is also applicable on dependents of expatriates, after paying the required fees to complete the renewal process.

- Domestic workers are excluded from the benefit of splitting iqama fee. The splitting of payments is applicable on the work permits, iqama, employee levy, dependent fee and other fees in order to issue iqama. Most Viewed : Where do Snow falls in Saudi Arabia

- Previously, Saudi Jawazat confirmed that, Muqeem ID of domestic workers can be renewed, 14 months before the expiry of iqama, while for commercial workers, resident identity can be renewed only if its validity is less than 6 months, with a condition of valid work permit and health insurance.

Expats are now allowed to Carry digital Iqama instead of Physical copy of it -

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