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Saudi Airlines offers 96-hours Transit Visa with Your Ticket Your Visa service

Saudi Airlines (Saudia) has started offering Transit visa with the new service "Your Ticket, Your Visa", which is the first of its kind in the world, in order to avail this service, book your ticket and get a stop-over transit visa of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new service "Your Ticket, Your Visa" from Saudi Airlines will allow visitors to reach to Saudi Arabia by linking the stop-over transit visa with the airline flight ticket and issuing it easily and conveniently, through one-time transaction.

- This comes in line with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of government agencies, represented by the Ministries of Interior, Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrims Service Program and the Saudi Tourism Authority. Trending : Saudi Arabia launches 4-days Transit visa for Air travelers

- The new Saudi Transit Visa service includes all international airports of the Kingdom, and will allow visitors to stop into Saudi Arabia for up to 96-hours, through which they can roam around the regions of the Kingdom and can perform Umrah.

- This service will allow the guest to link a transit visa at the ticket issuance stage, which will not take more than a 3 minutes, through the digital link with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system.

How to get Stop-Over Transit visa of Saudi Arabia through flight ticket?

Book your flight ticket through Saudi Airlines website, applied to transit flights only. See Also : Can I drive in Saudi Arabia with international driving license?

Duration of Stay in Saudi Arabia on new Transit Visa?

One can stay up to 96 hours on this visa, the visa is valid for up to 3 months.

What are the benefits from the Your ticket, your visa?

* One can enjoy the Tourism, visiting events, business, can perform Umrah and can visit the Prophet's Mosque in Madina.

- According to the CEO of Saudia company for Air Transport, Captain Ibrahim bin Salman Al-Kashi, the launch of this service is first of its kind at the level of airlines, and is one of the outcomes of the digital transformation program at the level of the Kingdom in general and at the level of Saudi Airlines in particular, which will achieve strategic goals within the vision. As a result of connecting the East and the West, the Kingdom will experience 100 million visits by the year 2030, which will directly contribute to the acquisition of 30% of the traffic since the new service will make it possible to conduct Umrah, explore tourist attractions, and go to events and Kingdom seasons.

- The launch of the new service comes at a time when Saudi Airlines continues to invest in King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) in Jeddah to be a pivotal airport in the region. This is in coordination with the Saudi Tourism Authority to provide incentive packages for those wishing to benefit from the “Your Ticket, Your Visa” service. Read : Self-service baggage drop-off system at Jeddah Airport

- This service is an extension of the digital services system provided by Saudi Airlines through the website and smart device applications, which are constantly developing to provide the latest systems and means to ease and simplify travel procedures and make a shift in after-sales services by themselves. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Saudi Airlines offers 96-hours Transit Visa with Your Ticket Your Visa service -

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