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Start of implementing the 2nd phase of Nitaqat Developer Program - MHRSD

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia announced the start of implementing the second phase of the Nitaqat Developer Program. Most Viewed : Check your Employer Nitaqat color status

Last year in May, the Ministry had launched the Nitaqat Developer Program, which is one of the most important pillars of the MHRSD's strategic transformation initiatives, most notably in line with the Labor Market strategy, which aims to develop and raise its efficiency, provide decent and attractive jobs for Saudi nationals and increase their participation in the labor market. Read : Procedure to complaint on employers, for allowing you to work more hours than mentioned in your contract

According to the MHRSD, the Nitaqat Developer Program offers 3 main advantages.

1. It sets a clear sighted and transparent Saudization plan with the aim of increasing the organizational stability of private sector companies.

2. Direct relationship between the number of workers and the Saudization percentages required for each company through a linear equation that is proportionally linked to the number of employees at the company, instead of present Saudization percentage system based on classifying establishments into specific and fixed sizes.

3. It simplifies the design of the program and improves the customer experience by merging the classifications of activities with common characteristics to be 32 activities instead of 85 activities in ranges.

- The Ministry of HR, highlighted that this program is in line with Saudization programs launched, as it will contribute to provide over 340,000 jobs until the Year 2024. Recommend : A worker has a right to complaint, if his salary differs from mentioned in the work contract

- This Nitaqat program was developed in partnership with the relevant government agencies and the private sector, which is a key partner in designing the labor market decisions.

- The first version of the Nitaqat program was launched in the Year 2011, to stimulate job Saudization and set a minimum salary for Saudi citizens in the private sector. As the beginning was an increase in the minimum salary to 3,000 riyals, then it was raised to 4,000 riyals with the beginning of the second quarter. Trending : Know about Sick Leave in Saudi Arabia

Start of implementing the 2nd phase of Nitaqat Developer Program - MHRSD -

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