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Saudi Crown Prince announces development of "Sindala Island" - The first Luxury sea destination in Neom

Saudi Crown Prince, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEOM company, Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the development of "Sindala" island in NEOM, which is the first destination for luxury marine tourism and yacht clubs on the Red Sea. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube channel

NEOM is one of the most important projects supporting the national tourism starategy, which was designed to be the main gateway for cruises in the Red Sea and to provide one of the most important global experiences in hospitality and entertainment.

- The Sindala island is expected to start receiving visitors in the year 2024. See Also : World's first non-profit city to be in Saudi Arabia

- On this occasion, Saudi Crown Prince said, "This project represents an important moment that reflects the speeding up of development in NEOM and expresses a major step towards achieving our tourism ambitions within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030".

- "The Sindala island will be first luxury marine destination and yacht clubs on the Red Seas in NEOM and it will also be a gateway to global tourism in the Red Sea and the region, set by a unique location and charming nature that qualify it to be platform for luxury marine tourism in the world" added the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia.

- Sindala island is located in the Red Sea on a total area of approximately 840,000 square meters and it is one of a group of islands that will be developed in Neom, as per the different visions and designs that differentiate each island from the other.

- It will be developed to provide a new yachting season that represents a global attraction that provides luxury travel and marine tourism fans with unique experiences that allow them to enjoy the nature of the island and see the true beauty of Neom and the Red Sea from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia is 3rd top destination for expats worldwide

- As per the plan, Sindala Island project will create 3,500 jobs that support the tourism sector, hospitality and entertainment services.

- Sindala Island will include a charming and lively marina with 86 berths, making it an ideal destination to accommodate large boats and yachts, making it the main gateway to the Red Sea, which offers exception cruise experiences.

- Sindala Island to provide 413 hotel rooms with the highest international standards, in addition to 333 high-end hotel apartments that are set by a high level of services, including a luxurious beach club and yacht club, while providing exception experiences in international restaurants on the island. Trending : CEER - The first Saudi brand for manufacturing of electric cars in Saudi Arabia

- This island will bring together a mixture of international brands designed to provide a unique integrated tourism system that meets the needs of different segments through the presence of a number of luxury stores designed specifically for the island. Nine holes, dedicated to 70 strokes with 18 tees, to enjoy a unique sporting and recreational experience.

- Sindala Island will include the advantages of NEOM and its capabilities in designing tourist destinations with innovative ideas and visions that compete with their global counterparts.

- NEOM will work to achieve these aspirations in cooperation with international brands in the entertainment and hotel sectors to develop the island and make it an exclusive and charming destination in the Red Sea for the world's yachting community, surrounded by its picturesque and diverse marine environment that includes one of the most beautiful coral reef reserves in the world.

- This announcement reflects the fast steps taken by NEOM to implement the strategic visions of the pioneering global project, as the the Crown Prince recently announced the designs of the future city 'The Line' in NEOM, which found wide scientific and media echoes locally, regionally and internationally.

- "Trojena", the mountain tourism destination in Neom, which will be set by the sport of snowboarding in the open air, as the first experience of its kind in the Arabian Gulf, in addition to "Oxagon", the industrial city in Neom, which it presents a new model of future manufacturing centers as per the Neom's strategy of redefining the way humanity lives and works in the future harmony with nature.

Crown Prince announces development of Sindala Island - The first Luxury sea destination in Neom -

Crown Prince announces development of Sindala Island - The first Luxury sea destination in Neom -

Crown Prince announces development of Sindala Island - The first Luxury sea destination in Neom -

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