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Saudi Fund for Development inaugurates Chitalaka Bridge project in Bangladesh, to facilitate the lives of 2 million people

The Director General of the Saudi Fund and Development's Operations in Asia, Dr. Saud bin Ayed Al-Shammari launched the Chitalaka Bridge project in Naringong district in Bangladesh, financed by the Fund with a development loan of about 45 million dollars. Join Saudi Expatriates on imo channel

The opening was witnessed by Bangladesh's Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajid, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh, Issa bin Yousef Al-Duhailan, Minister of Land Transport and Bridges of Bangladesh, Obaid Al-Qader and a number of officials.

- The aim of the project is to link the city of Bandara with Sonargon in the Narayanganj district through a bridge extending 1290 meters long, of which 400 meters for main bridge, 890 meters for the bridges extension on both sides of the road, it consists of 4 lanes, in addition to special lanes for pedestrians and separate paths for vehicles. Read : Saudi Arabia introduces educational long-term and short-term visas

- This essential project will help facilitate the lives of over 2 million people, as it will contribute to the development of the infrastructure of the transport sector and for the Naringong region in particular and facilitate the transportation of goods, reduce traffic jams, develop rural areas, by linking them to the rest of the current main roads. It has positive effects on the economic sectors, especially in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

- During the opening, Bangladesh's Prime Minister expressed her thanks and appreciation to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Fund for Development, for its continuous efforts to support infrastructure development projects in Bangladesh. See Also : Saudi Arabia ranked 31st in world in the e-government development index

- She confirmed that this bridge will connect the Sonargon and Bandar Upazilas areas in the Narayangang region, which is known for its industrial area and sea port, passing through Dhaka, which will make the connection between the southern and southwestern regions with the eastern and Northeastern regions of the country easier, it will have a significant impact on reducing traffic congestion in Dhaka.

- The Director General of Saudi Fund Operations explained that the Fund aims through its financing of road projects, to support the transport sector and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals, by supporting the linkage between road networks, raising the level of safety of their use and reducing transportation costs and this project will establish a brighter future for the people. It supports social and economic development contributes to promoting trade and reducing traffic congestion and will have positive effects on the country's economy. Most Viewed : Nusuk platform allows obtaining Umrah and visit visas online from all over the world

- Since 1977, Saudi Fund for Development has provided 17 development loans to 16 projects in the Bangladesh, with a total amount estimated at 494.70 million dollars. The projects included a number of development sectors, most notably water, health, energy and transportation. Saudi Arabia's government grant 107 million dollars to support the Bangladesh in the face of damage caused by natural disasters.

Saudi Fund for Development inaugurates Chitalaka Bridge project in Bangladesh -

Saudi Fund for Development inaugurates Chitalaka Bridge project in Bangladesh -

Saudi Fund for Development inaugurates Chitalaka Bridge project in Bangladesh -

Saudi Fund for Development inaugurates Chitalaka Bridge project in Bangladesh -

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