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Professions of GCC expats, USA, UK and Schengen visa holders, who are not able to obtain Saudi Tourist Visa

The professions list of those GCC resident or holders of USA visas, European Union (Schengen) and the United Kingdom, who are not allowed to obtain a Saudi Tourist visa are

* Driver

* Nurse

* Worker (Labor) See Also : Saudi Tourists and Visitors must comply with 7 conditions 

The Ministry of Tourism had announced the granting of tourist visa for the resident expatriates of GCC Countries (Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain) to enter the Kingdom with a e-Visa, which can be applied through

- One of the condition to obtain a e-Visa is the resident permit of GCC country must be valid for at least 3 months, as per the occupations published on the electronic platform. Trending : Umrah and Visit permits for GCC residents through Eatmarna

- This includes first-degree relatives of residence visa holders coming with him and domestic workers arriving with their sponsors.

- In the year 2020, the total population of the GCC countries is about 57 million in which residents are 22 million and the population density in the Gulf is 7.9%, equivalent to an average on one million people annually and the population by GCC country wise is as follows.

* UAE (9.3 million)

* Oman (4.6 million)

* Kuwait (4.5 million)

* Qatar (2.58 million)

* Bahrain (1.5 million)

- The Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia highlighted the need of tourists to comply with the regulations and instructions, including carrying identification documents at all times.

- The Ministry clarified that, Saudi Tourist visa does not allow the performance of Hajj, not does it allow to perform Umrah during the Hajj season, However during Umrah season they can perform Umrah by obtaining permit through Eatmarna application. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia to welcome millions of tourists after new amendments in Tourist visa

Professions of GCC expats, who are not able to get Saudi Tourist Visa online -

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