Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 14, 2022

Profession Change SMS messages surprised several Expat workers in Saudi Arabia

Several expat workers of the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were surprised after they received SMS messages of profession have been changed. This lead the workers and employers to contact the labor offices to inquire about the state of affairs with the receipt of text messages related to new professions. Follow Saudi Expatriates

The change in some professions comes after the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development updated the regulations related to some professions of expatriate workers in the private sector, in line with the professions approved by the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations, in cooperation with the Qiwa platform, the General Authority for Statistics and the Jawazat. Read : Qiwa allows companies to correct driver iqama professions for free of charge

- Earlier this, the Qiwa platform obligated the companies to correct the professions of some workers, by posting a statement on its platform to the employers and sponsors, stating that there are a number of workers whos professions must be corrected as per the manual of Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. The correction covers 8 professions including doctor, expert, specialist, engineer, specialized expert, control, technician, worker and ordinary worker.

- Recently, the Qiwa platform also canceled the condition of obtaining expat worker's consent for changing these 8 professions in their iqama. As the Qiwa platform instructed that these professions must be placed in specialized professions as per the directive. This amendment is applicable to the Qiwa platform for the workers of companies only and not to the platform of Individuals.

- Generally, A worker's permission required while changing the profession on iqama and its fee is 2000 riyals, However the above 8 professions comes under 'correction' category of professions and this requires no fee to be corrected the iqama profession.

- The Qiwa platform explained that the accurate description of the professions to be recruited is required for future recruitment. It will not be allowed to hire a worker in the professions mentioned above. Read : Worker's iqama can be renewed even if the employer service suspended

Profession Change SMS messages surprised several Expat workers in Saudi Arabia -

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