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No need of Expat worker's approval for changing these 8 professions of Iqama through Qiwa

The Qiwa platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has canceled the condition of obtaining expat worker's consent for changing 8 professions on iqama. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Pinterest

The eight iqama professions that can be modified without expat's consent, which were recently included in the Qiwa platform are

1. Doctor

2. Expert

3. Specialist

4. Engineer

5. Specialized expert

6. Monitoring Technician

7. Worker and

8. Ordinary worker.

- Generally, the worker's approval is required while changing the profession on iqama after a payment of an amount 2,000 Saudi Riyals. Now there is a exception for this 8 professions and the change is considered as a correction of professions. These professions will be allowed to correct only once without any fee. Trending : Entry ban of visit visa holders at 4 Saudi Airports until 9th July due to Hajj season

- The Qiwa platform further clarified that an accurate description of the professions to be recruited is require for any future requirement. It will not be allowed to hire any worker in the professions mentioned earlier. The change of profession is limited to only Qiwa platform for the workers of companies only while the platform is not concerned with individuals.

- The company is required to detail the specialization of doctor, specialist, engineer, specialized expert and monitoring technician. There will be 67 alternative professions for each of the worker and the normal worker professions.

- These includes the worker at gas station, food and beverage counter, personal care, concrete, vehicle paint, paint industries, cleaning roofs of buildings, cranes, leather crafts, printing and binding works, maintenance of electrical appliances, installation of communications and information technology lines, preserving fruits and vegetables, embroidery, pest control, mining, furniture assembly. Most Viewed : Ministry of HR clarifies on how to calculate annual entitlements for a worker

- It also includes the worker in plastic and metal products assembly, paperboard assembly, hotel management, cleaning offices and facilities, unique professions, car parking, laundry, ironing, washing carpets and rugs, cleaning water tanks, sewage, cleaning vehicles, mobile vehicle washing, street cleaning, farm animals, poultry and birds farm, egg hatching, stables, agricultural and animal production farms.

- The list also includes, workers of green spaces, nursery, fish farm, fishing, mine, forests, forest fire fighting, road maintenance, digging, cemetery, building, concrete mix, constructions, quarry, demolition, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, product sorting, workshop, wheelbarrow work, bicycle transport, animal cart driving, loading and unloading, packaging shelves, warehouse, kitchen work and cleaning kitchen utensils. See Also : Cleaners in Saudi Arabia are getting lowest wages, Riyadh tops in paying the lowest

- Since 12th May of this year, employee work contracts are being approved and documented only on the Qiwa platform. Ministry of Human Resources has so far transferred all the documented contracts of the workers to the Qiwa platform and this is in cooperation with the GOSI, reports Saudi Gazette.

No need of Expat worker's consent for changing these 8 iqama professions through Qiwa -

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