Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 1, 2022

The electricity current can be disconnected from Customer in 2 cases - Saudi Electricity Company

The Saudi Electricity Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has warned its users on not paying the due bills on time, in order to avoid the power cut. Recommend : Allowing cancellation of Huroob without consent of the employer

The Saudi Electricity Company explained that the electrical service is disconnected when the previous balance reaches more than 1,000 riyals, or if the bills have not paid for more than 3 months.

- The Company said that the subscriber will be notified by a text message to the mobile number registered in the system, on the date of disconnection. This came in light of the frequency of many inquiries in this regard. Trending : Saudi Arabia announces Eid Al-Adha holidays for private and non-profit sectors

- Earlier this, the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority clarified that the requirements for transferring the electricity meter include the following.

* That there is a possibility of technical transfer.

* The meter must be moved from one place to another within the boundaries of the establishment.

* The necessity of bearing the actual costs, if any and preparing the cables in the new location.

- The Saudi Electricity Company said the possibility of submitting a request to transfer a meter, through its website. Most Viewed : 3 foodstuffs tops in the list of food waste in Saudi Arabia

- The authority specified the cases that require the displacement of electricity networks, and they are those related to safety reasons, conflict with private property, or construction conditional on displacement.

The current can be disconnected from Customer in 2 cases - Saudi Electricity Company -

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