Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, June 16, 2022

Police is the competent authority for complaints about harassing employer - MHRSD

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia confirmed that, in case of harassment at a workplace, a report of bad behavior can be submitted through the ministry's services app called HRSD Application.

The Ministry explained that, if the aggressor is employer, the complaint can be lodged through the competent legal authorities, represented by police.

- In case of a behavioral violation happened at workplace, a complaint should be submitted to the establishment within 5 working days from the date of occurrence of bad behavior, and a copy of complaint lodged with the company should be attached along with HRSD application. Recommend : 3,000 riyals fine per worker on violating mid day work ban decision

- The Ministry's application provides easy access to selected HRSD e-services and offers an excellent experience and efficient communication channels. It allows people to book an appointment, file a complaint and submit a grievance.

- Causing physical, psychological, sexual or economic harm to another party comes in the list of harassment. It accounts for all types of exploitation, threat, extortion, enticement, quarreling, cursing, insulting or prejudice modesty or deliberately secluding with opposite gender or any form of physical or verbal discrimination.

- The regulation also have misconduct among workers either during working hours or outside working hours. Through HRSD application, a maximum of 3 types of violations can be reported daily against the designated companies. Read : Saudi Arabia lifts all restrictions related to corona pandemic, except in few places

- The HRSD app includes major classification of violations, like, violation of Saudi Labor Law, violations related to behavioral violation, violations of precautionary measures of companies and individuals, violations of occupational safety and health and violations of Saudization.

- The violations of behavioral infringement includes assisting or covering up harassment (any word, act or gesture with a sexual connotation by a person against another), the failure of company to investigate or impose a disciplinary penalty on those who have been convicted of harassment and failure of company to form a committee to investigate cases of behavioral abuse at workplace, according to a report of Saudi Gazette. Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

Police is the competent authority for complaints about harassing employer - MHRSD -

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