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Employing an Illegal in Saudi Arabia is a crime punishable by 15 years in Prison

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia warned against employing the illegal into the Kingdom, explaining that it is a major crime punishable by imprisonment of 5 to 15 years, in addition to a fine of 1 million riyals.

The Public Prosecution in its official tweet on Twitter said, “It is prohibited to employ the illegal into the Kingdom, and the penalties in this regard reach imprisonment of 5 to 15 years, a fine of one million riyals, and the seizure of the means used in the crime.”

The Prosecution added that, "The summary of the such judgment will be published at the expense of the convict after he get the final status," highlighting that employing an infiltrator into the Kingdom is a major crime that requires arrest. Download Saudi Expatriates app from Google Play Store

Clarifications from Public Prosecution regarding Commercial Data :

- Earlier this, The Public Prosecution said that commercial data are the clarifications that must be placed on goods and products, directly or indirectly to identify them or their qualities.

- The commercial data law includes clarifications regarding the number of goods, their quantity, size, agent, weight, price, production and expiry dates, as well as the entity or country in which the product was manufactured and the elements included its composition.

- It also includes the function to have licenses or other property rights, or any commercial or industrial privileges or awards, and the name and for which certain goods are known or usually performed. See Also : Commercial fraud in any product is a crime

- As per the commercial data law, the commercial statement must be written in the Arabic language at least and conform to the truth in all respects, addresses, covers, invoices, letter papers, or advertising means or other means used in displaying goods to the public.

- If the amount, size, measure, energy, weight, source or components of the products are among the factors that have a role in estimating their value, a decision issued by the Minister of Commerce may prohibit the import, sale, or offer of these products for sale, unless they bear one or more statements from this data.

- A decision issued by the Minister of Commerce shall specify the manner in which the data shall be place on the products and the procedures to replace when this is not possible. Recommend : Public Prosecution warns against disclosing sensitive data, announces its penalties

- The Board of Grievances may rule for the confiscation of the seized items, the sale of what can be sold thereof, the deduction of its value from the compensation and fines that may be ordered, the destruction of the remainder of it, or the disposal of it in any way it deems appropriate. The Court may also rule that the decision issued for conviction, confiscation or destruction be published in one of the daily newspapers issued in the convict’s residence area and at his expense.

Employing an Illegal in Saudi Arabia is a crime punishable by 15 years in Prison -

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