Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Public Prosecution warns against disclosing sensitive Data, announces its Penalties

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia warned on disclosing or publishing any sensitive data in public, with the intention of harming the data owner or to achieve a personal benefit.

According to the Personal Data Protection law, a penalty of 2 years jail term and a fine of up to 3 million Riyals will be applied as penalties to such people who discloses or publishes sensitive data, with a intention to harm the data owner or achieve a personal benefit.

- The Public Prosecution clarified that, the sensitive date is every statement that includes a reference to an individual's ethnic or tribal origin, religious, intellectual or political belief, or indicates his membership in associations or civil institutions. Trending : 4 practices are not allowed on board of flights, its penalty is half million riyals

- It also includes criminal and security data, or data of vital features that determine identity, or Genetic, credit or health data, location data and data that indicates that the individual is unknown to one or both.

- The Personal Data Protection law provides a legal mechanism to protect the person from violation, infringement and disclosure in any form, which leads to the prevention of any violation of the data of individuals and organizations.

What is Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia?

The Public Prosecution promotes justice, protects society, rights, and freedoms through supporting the abused and punishing the abused, under the provisions of Islamic law and the established rules, as well as dedicating and promoting them, by the cooperation with the relevant judicial and security bodies. Follow Saudi Expatriates

Public Prosecution warns against disclosing sensitive Data, announces its Penalties -

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