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Corona cases in Critical care are of those people who have not Completed their Vaccination

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, said that there is a lot of discussion about the issues of doses and their number, and there is talk about more and more of them.

During the press conference held Today, he explained that talking about a fourth dose is still early, stating that the studies we do not count on. He highlighted that the Ministry of Health cannot recommend any doses, and add them as a refresher dose, only after being assured that they are of value and importance to people's health and safety, as the issue is not random.

Three clarifications from Health Ministry on long-terms symptoms of Corona virus : 

- Al-Abdali has given three clarifications on the long-term symptoms of corona, stating long-term symptoms associated with Covid-19, which continues for weeks or month after infection, these are an extension of the basic symptoms of the disease. See Also : Health protocols for Beauty Salons and Barbershops in Saudi Arabia

- Sometimes there are symptoms related to the body’s immunity, or related to hormone levels, or problems in the nervous system, explaining that it may last for weeks or months and affect all age groups of children, adults and the elderly.

- He continued stating that receiving vaccinations and the booster dose reduces the rate of long-term symptoms of the Corona virus. He added that the number of cases that need health care, hospitalization, and admission to critical care, most of them are cases that have not completed their vaccines doses.

Last Corona wave is Highest in Kingdom and now we expect increase in Covid-19 cases :

- The epidemiological curve in the Kingdom is recording a wave that keeps speed with the global wave around us, and a high rise is within 4 days. The current wave of the Corona pandemic is higher than the previous waves, and we expect an increase in cases in the coming days. Recommend : Health protocols for Wedding halls, events and restrooms in Saudi Arabia

- Al-Abdali said that the previous waves of the Corona virus passed through several stages, and the last wave is the highest undoubted.

Saudi Arabia registered more than 1000 corona cases in last 24 hours : 

- Today (On 2nd January), The Ministry of Health announced 1,024 corona infections, 298 recoveries and 1 death, after which total corona cases in the Kingdom jumps to 558,106 of them 542,413 recovered with 8,879 deaths.

- Active corona infections in the Kingdom further jumps to 6,814 of them 69 are critical, increase of 8 cases to critical care since Yesterday. Riyadh tops with 1,510 active cases, Jeddah with 1,255, while Makkah has 1,168 active corona cases. Recommend : Boulevard Riyadh City entries for visitors is now from 2 PM onwards

- Saudi Arabia has provide more than 51.18 million (51,,183,195) doses of corona vaccine all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers, of which 2,942,250 are booster doses and the elderly people received 1,919,036 doses.

- The health ministry also revealed that more than 25 million (25,034,018) people received only one dose, while over 23.2 million (23,206,927) were the second doses of corona vaccine. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Corona cases in Critical care are of those people who have not Completed their Vaccination -

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