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Weqaya reveals the updated Protocols for Wedding Halls, Events and Restrooms

The Public Health Authority (Weqaya) in Saudi Arabia revealed the updated health measures for wedding halls, events and the restrooms.

According to the updated health measures, entry is limited to individuals who are fully vaccinated according to the status in the Tawakkalna application, with the exception of groups excluded from taking the vaccine as appears in the Tawakkalna.

- Weqaya stated that the health status is automatically verified in the Tawakkalna application, by requiring customers to scan the code for the automated health verification permits before entering, given that the code for the automated health verification permits is placed at the entrances, taking into account their physical distancing to ensure that there is no crowding. Trending : Ministry of Interior reminds of a fine of 1000 riyals for not wearing a mask

- The protocols specified that, the allotment of monitors at the entrances to ensure that customers complete the process of scanning the code for the automated health verification permits in the Tawakkalna application before entering.

As for the definition of public places and their health controls: 

Weqaya defined public places as places that are not covered and not surrounded by borders, such as public parks and footpaths (walking paths) that are open to all and without entry requirements or arrangements from an organized or supervisory body, and it does not include sports stadiums, events, large events and the similar, or that are designated To host 500 people at the same time or more, regardless of the number of actual attendance, and where a mask must be worn.

- All wedding halls and events and the similar must use the Tawakkalna app to manage gatherings, by providing the barcode label for Tawakkalna at the entry and exit gates, and making sure that the attendees, with the exception of workers, scan the barcode when entering and exiting, while no one is allowed to enter, unless they are fully immunized with two doses and that the condition in the Twakkalna app is 'Immune'. Recommend : Booster dose is a condition to maintain Immune status from 1st February

- According to Weqaya, workers in wedding halls must wear masks at all times, and attendees must wear masks at all times, while workers in the reception area must disinfect hands with an alcohol disinfectant when dealing with clients’ personal items.

Cabinets for keeping personal belongings must be sanitized periodically, and a box for keeping items should be allocated to each person or family :

- Weqaya said that it allows women's decorating service in wedding halls, while following to the application of the protocol of women's beauty salons, highlighting the need to stick to disinfecting surfaces every day or before and after each use of the hall, with a focus on places where the possibility of contact is high and waiting places, as well as door handles and tables. Food, seat cushions, elevator keys, etc.

- The authority pointed out the need to remove dirt with soap and water before the disinfection process, and for disinfection, disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite compounds are used, and the instructions shown on the product in terms of concentration and method of use are used, provided that care is taken to disinfect toilets and bathrooms periodically. Read : Does the automatic extensions of Iqama, re-entry and visit visa requires departmental review? Jawazat response

Physical Distancing :

Clear signs or posters must be placed on floors, in waiting areas and at the buffet, in order to assist in the process of social distancing of at least one and a half meters.

- Tables must be organized in a way that ensures social distancing so that there is a distance of at least one and a half meters between each table. See Also : SFDA warns on wrong use of medicines for cosmetics

- Overcrowding in the area designated for the band must be prevented, reduced to a minimum number, and social distancing is adhered to. Overcrowding should be prevented when honoring by reducing the number of people in the honoring platform, preventing handshakes, and maintaining social distancing.

- Social distancing must be ensured between seating places for attendees, such as chairs and sofas, so that there is a distance of one and a half meters between each seat designated for sitting and the other.

- In the event that the seating places are installed, marks must be made for the places designated for sitting to ensure an empty space for a distance of one and a half meters. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

Weqaya reveals the updated Protocols for Wedding Halls, Events and Restrooms -

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