Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, January 1, 2022

Weqaya reminds of most prominent Health protocols for Beauty Salons and Barbershops

The Public Health Authority (Weqaya) in Saudi Arabia announced that entry to beauty salons and barber shops is restricted to individuals who have completed the vaccination, according to their Immune status in Tawakkalna, with the exception of the groups excluded from taking the vaccine, as per their status in the Tawakkalna application.

The authority explained the instructions and requirements related to the protection of customers and employees, the most important of which is receiving customers through prior reservation and applying a distance of one and a half meters in the waiting areas of customers inside the shop.

- Maintaining a physical distance of at least one and a half meters between individuals, placing distancing stickers in all facilities, limiting face-to-face contact with customers and preventing gatherings inside the shop. Similar : Weqaya reveals updated protocols for Wedding halls, events and restrooms

- Workers must wash hands with soap and warm water for a period of not less than 40 seconds between each customer, or disinfect hands for a period of not less than 20 seconds in case soap and water are not available, while limiting as much as possible face-to-face contact with customers and preventing gatherings inside the shop. Also, you should not wear accessories and jewelry when going to salons.

Salon Workers :

Mask : The worker must wear a mask all the time, and customers must wear a mask as much as possible while receiving services.

Gloves : Workers should wear gloves when serving customers and gloves should be changed after each customer. Recommend : Fine for not wearing a face mask is 1,000 riyals, penalty will be doubled in case of repeated violation

Shearing Robe : Each customer should be wrapped in a clean sheet and disposable gowns should be used after each customer.

Neck Tape : Salon workers should use protective neck tapes around the neck of each customer when cutting single-use hair.

- Items used after each operation (such as gloves, gown, etc.) should be disposed of immediately in a closed container, and single-use products provided for immediate disposal. Also, new shaving and cutting tools should be used for each customer, such as combs, razors, etc.

- In case the sink is used to wash the client’s head, the worker is required to wear a mask, and to place a clean towel on the client’s face to protect her mouth, nose and eyes. Face shields must be used by female employees who provide washing and cleaning of hair and skin. See Also : Saudi Arabia re-mandates mask and physical distancing in all outdoor and indoor places

- Not allow any employee, if he has flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat) to work or enter the facility until the symptoms gone.

- The Tawakkalna application must be used to check the health status of individuals with regard to Covid-19 disease, and it is prohibited for any person to have a positive condition, or who has been in contact with a positive case, as shown in the application.

- Placing signs at the entrance to the store asking customers not to enter the place if they have respiratory symptoms similar to those of Covid-19. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo mobile app

Weqaya reminds of most prominent Health protocols for Beauty Salons and Barbershops -

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