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Performing Hajj Pilgrimage without Permit or Tasreeh

Performing Hajj without a legal Tasreeh or permit is illegal in Saudi Arabia, If caught your fingerprints will be recorded and send back to your local city with pending violation strict action. Trending : Download Hajj Permit online

As per the Passports Department recent announcement, Number of expatriates who violated Hajj rules last year was deported already. As fingerprints of these expatriates are recorded at the time of Hajj and left them to go to their local cities. They were caught while they came for renewing their iqama's or muqeem cards and for exit re entry permits, As the MOI Absher services was already blocked to them. Those all expatriates sent to the department of expatriates deportation for further process. Related : Activate Absher Service

Those who were caught on Hajj violation and their fingerprint was recorded are banned for 10 years from entering into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after deportation. Recommended : Performing Umrah on Visit Visa

At the time of Hajj more police forces will deploy to the holy sites of Makkah region, In order to protect the rights of legal permitted pilgrims to perform hassle free Hajj pilgrimage. You may also like : Hajj Registration for Residents

Local residents and citizens who want to perform Hajj should register on Hajj Ministry's website by selecting the authorized Hajj operators. Instead of becoming victim of fake Hajj operators which will lead you to violation of Hajj. Similar : Check your Hajj Eligibility

Expatriates without legal permits or tasreeh will be deported to home country for violating the rule while Saudi citizens will be penalized with a fine. This rule was first implemented in the year 2014, when they caught 15000 illegal pilgrims in the year 2013. Recommended : Check MOI Information

Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Permit -

Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Permit -
Note : This article was first published on our blog on 29th Feb, 2016 and updated on 2nd Jan, 2022.

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