Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ministry of Health clarifies the fact of Corona and Influenza Vaccines are incompatible

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia disprove rumors about a conflict between the Corona and seasonal influenza vaccines, highlighting that this is not true, and that they can be received at the same time. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo Mobile app

The health ministry through its Twitter explained that, there is no conflict between the Corona vaccine and the influenza vaccine, both of which contribute to reducing diseases and relieving symptoms.

- The ministry further stated that influenza vaccination does not reverse the effect of the corona vaccination, and that the two vaccines can be received at the same time without causing any harm, getting the two vaccines at the same time does not affect the severity of side effects. Trending : Saudi Arabia starts issuing Umrah visas to India, Pakistan and Egypt

- Today, Saudi Arabia announced 42 new corona infections, 56 recoveries and 2 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing up the total corona cases in the Kingdom to 549,997 of them 539,141 recovered, while 8,847 people left this world due to the complications with the virus.

- Active cases of Corona virus in the Kingdom falls to 2,009 of them 33 are critical and are in intensive cares. In the last 24 hours, the health ministry has performed 46,108 corona tests, so far 31.78 million (31,787,409) corona virus tests done, since the beginning of the pandemic in the Kingdom.

- The government of Saudi Arabia has administered more than 47.80 million (47,806,115) doses of corona vaccine to Saudi nationals, resident expats and visitors all over the Kingdom through its 587 vaccination centers for free. Of them, 421,069 are booster doses and the elderly people received 1,723,709 doses. Recommend : Ministry stresses the need to wear mask, maintain social distance in Mosques

- The Ministry of Health's official data shows, over 22.67 million (22,673,314) people received 2 doses of the vaccine, while 24.71 million (24,722,732) people received only 1 dose of the vaccine against covi-19.

Ministry of Health clarifies the fact of Corona and Influenza Vaccines are incompatible -

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