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Learn about Best fruit for intestinal health and Know its magical benefits

Maintaining the health of the intestine is the first step in fighting diseases of all kinds. The health of the intestine begins with choosing the appropriate types of foods that prevent infections or change the nature of the internal environment of the intestine.

Doctors from the University of California found that grapes are one of the best fruits that maintain the health of the intestines, due to their high content of healthy substances and nutrients, and helps in improving sleep, colon health, and relieve symptoms of chemotherapy.

- The new study, published in the scientific journal Nutrients, found that grapes had a positive effect on the gut microbiome, as well as cholesterol and bile acid levels. See Also : Know the benefits of Pineapple juice

- Grapes contain a high percentage of fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, including "catechins" that help treat infections in the body, boost levels of good bacteria in the intestines and balance the intestinal flora.

- In the study, researchers given 46 grams of grape powder per day, which is equivalent to two servings of whole grapes. After 4 weeks, LDL cholesterol decreased by 5.9%, in addition to significantly increasing the diversity of the participants' gut microbiome.

- The recent study shows many promising effects of eating grapes or grape powder on the gut microbiome and overall health. They report that grapes lead to a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, so the immune system can grow and function properly, further protecting against disease risks. Read : Multiple benefits of Pomegranate

- Another way to keep your gut healthy is to get enough sleep, exercise and reduce stress as much as possible.

- According to the University of California, gut health is so important to overall health that having an “altered” gut microbiome is often associated with metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

- Health doctors warn that an unbalanced gut can lead to diseases such as irritable bowel disease and obesity. Download Saudi Expatriates App from Google Play Store

Best fruit for intestinal health and Know its magical benefits -

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