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Procedure to Inquire about Traffic violations through Absher in Saudi Arabia

The General Traffic Department (Muroor) of Saudi Arabia specified the method and steps for inquiring about traffic violations through the Absher platform.

Earlier, the Absher platform clarified that traffic violations recorded on the beneficiary or one of his family members can be inquired electronically through the beneficiaries' account on the platform. Trending : International flights to Saudi Arabia remain suspended until further notice

Procedure to Inquire Traffic Violations through Absher :

1. Log in to the Absher platform

2. Click on the Electronic Inquiries tab.

3. Select 'Detailed Query Traffic Violation' Inquiry Service.

4. Choose Inquiry about Traffic Violations by selecting name of family member or yours,

5. You can also inquire about others in 'General Query'. Type in the National ID number or Iqama number and passcode.

6. All registered traffic fines will appear.

- Details of traffic violations can also be inquired with the plate number by entering the plate number or the driver’s license number instead of the national ID number. Recommend : Abhser response on Iqama renewals, domestic worker visas and final exit visas

Traffic services available through Absher :

The Saudi Traffic Department made it clear that auditors can take full advantage of its electronic services through the Absher platform without the need for field review. It indicated that the services that can be implemented through the application of the Absher Traffic system or its website are:

- Renewal of the driver's license.

- Renewal of the traffic license.

- Issuance of the authorization.

- Adding an actual user, pledging allegiance to vehicles.

- Objection to traffic violations

- Electronic inquiries, including vehicle insurance validity, reserved vehicle information, traffic offenses for visiting vehicles. See Also : Procedure to extend exit re-entry visa of dependent through Absher

Procedure to Inquire about Traffic violations through Absher in Saudi Arabia - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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