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No more renewal of Contracts for Expats in Public Health Sector after 10 years of Service, Except few cases

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has restated that labor contracts of Expatriates working in the public health sector for more than 10 years will not be renewed. However, there are few exemptions on expats who have proved their outstanding performances in some specializations.

The deputy minister of Health for Human Resources, Abdul Rahman Al-Aiban issued a circular and sent the directors of Health Affairs of all regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia including executive heads of Health clusters.

- In the circular, It said that the approval for renewing the iqama of exceptional cases shall be as per the powers granted to them by the Health Minister. Trending : Getting your vehicle washed at Makkah streets will penalize you with 1,000 SR

- He said, the circular to follow an earlier decision of the Council of Ministers in this respect, There is a provision in the Cabinet decision few years ago, that states the period of the contract of expats staff in government health sector should not be more than 10 years, beginning form the date of the contract signing.

- However, the cabinet gave an exemption for continuing the service of those expats who have distinguished competence in Health jobs as well faculty members in Universities.

- Al-Ayban also reminded of the letter of Minister of Civil Service dating 1439 H, which states allowing the Health Ministry to take over the task of extending contracts of non-Saudi health care workers in distinguished categories beyond 10 years. Read : Expat arrested for turning his residence into Dental clinic

- The responsibility of it assigned to Health Ministry in implementing the tasks stipulated in the royal orders and the decisions and regulations related to concluding or renewing contracts with expats and determining the period of their stay in the job.

- As per the regulations of signing labor contracts with expats in government health sector, the period of contract must not exceed 10 years and the authority to extend the period of the contract in some categories is entrusted with the directors of Health Affairs and executive heads of health cluster in various regions of Saudi Arabia states Saudi Gazette. See Also : Procedure to inquire about Traffic violations through Absher

No more renewal of Contracts for Expats in Public Health Sector after 10 years of Service - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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