Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Getting your Car or vehicle washed at Makkah streets will now lead you to pay 1000 Riyals fine

In order to crackdown on illegal practice of washing cars on the streets, authorities of Makkah region have announced a fine of 1,000 Saudi riyals on car owners who enjoying the service of washing cars on the streets.

The municipal authority in Makkah plans a campaign to arrest illegal workers who are washing the cars at parking places, streets and near to houses is a violation of residency and labor regulation said the deputy head of Makkah Municipalities Abdullah Bin Khamis Al Zayadi. Trending : 7 Conditions of Saudi Airlines for returning to Saudi Arabia on its flights

- Washing cars on the streets and at parking areas are the widely practice in Makkah and in Kingdom and they are blamed for causing environmental harms. A fine of 1,000 SR will be imposed on owners of cars washed in these sites said the official.

- He said wasting water, damaging the roads surfaces, and visual and environmental pollution are the results of such practices. Citizens and residents must cooperate to eliminate this negative thing and to report the violation through the unified toll free number 940. Read : Expat man arrested for turning his residence to dental clinic

- It will damage the infrastructure, beside it, this phenomenon leads to proliferation of mosquitoes, insects and other harmful pests as it forms puddles, it distorts the aesthetical landscape of the Makkah, the Holy capital.

Getting your Car washed at Makkah streets will now lead you to pay 1000 Riyals fine - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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