Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, September 4, 2020

Bahrain allows entries to people from Neighboring States, Visa holders

Bahrain now allows residents from neighboring Gulf states as well as holders of electronic visas and those eligible for visas on arrival said Bahrain Airport Authority.

However, A PCR test of Covid-19 is mandatory on arrival and at passengers expense, tweets Bahrain airport. Travelers must have to self-isolate until the results of the test are received and are negative.

- "In light of the National task Force Team to combat the COVID-19 Virus, the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain announces the following revised measures with effect from 4 September 2020". See Also : UAE gets Saudi Arabia's and Bahrain's approval to use its airspace for all countries flights

1. "Entry is restricted to Bahraini citizens, residents, GCC citizens who do not need a visa, passengers eligible to obtain a visa on arrival, passengers with a valid eVisa, diplomats, military personnel, airline crew, or holders of official, service or UN passports."

2. Visas on arrival are reintroduced for citizens of nationalities that are eligible for it. To determine eligibility, please visit http://evisa.gov.bh. To obtain an eVisa prior to your departure, please visit http://evisa.gov.bh.

3. " All passengers must undergo a PCR test (at their own expense) on arrival. Arrivals must remain in self isolation until the result of the PCR test is determined." Read : International flights to Saudi Arabia remain suspended until further notice

Bahrain allows entries to people from Neighboring Gulf States, Visa holders - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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