Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, August 7, 2020

Kuwait enters into Kuwaitization stage, 50% of Expats to be Removed

About 50% of expatriates working for subcontractors in Kuwaiti government departments will be laid off in next 3 months, As per the Kuwaiti newspaper. Trending : Seat belt violation also applies on the passenger next to driver in Saudi Arabia

Kuwait's government ministries have already started localization of jobs in public sector as 'Kuwaitization' of their labor workers, A new policy is designed to increase the number of locals working in government offices by laying off expats.

- Expatriates who has contracts that require expertise are not exempt from this new policy, All of them will be phased out slowly to make sure the quality of work does not effect. Recommend : As gold price is soaring day by day, It is good to buy or sell?

- Most of the expatriates in Kuwait have already shifted into positions with subcontractors working for government ministries.

- The Member of Parliament of Kuwait Khalil Al Saleh, who is the head of Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee said that all the steps have taken to replace expats with Kuwaitis, A meeting will be held in a week in which data and statistics of the new policy will be discussed. See Also : More than 92,000 Expats left Kuwait within 3 months

- He said the Civil Services Commission to replace 100% of the workforce with Kuwaitis by terminating the contracts of all expats. Currently, More than 3 million expats living in the Kuwait.

Kuwait enters into Kuwaitization stage, 50% of Expats to be Removed - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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