Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Is the  Employer responsible for Family Visit insurance of Employee? Health Council responds

The Health Insurance Board made it clear that the employer is not responsible to insure the “visitor” of one of its employees. Trending : 1,100 years old 24 carat gold coins found in Israel

One of the resident expatriate of the Syrian nationality had asked a question to health insurance, in which he asked, “Is the employer required to take out or renew the family insurance of the Syrian employee?

- The question continues, Whereas, the family came to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa since 2013, and they are insured annually within the company’s policy, but at the employee’s expense, bearing in mind that the Syrian visitor is excluded and is treated like a Saudi citizen. Read : Decline in traffic accidents injuries and deaths in Saudi Arabia

- The Health Insurance Council stated through its Twitter account, in response to an inquiry in this regard, that "the employer is not required to insure the visitor, but rather it applies to the visitor or his sponsor as per the conditions of the visitor insurance policy."

Is the  Employer responsible for Family Visit insurance of Employee Health Council responds - Saudi-Expatriates.com-

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