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Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced with new One on 9th Dhu Al Hijjah  (30th July 2020)

Like every year, This year also Kiswah (The black cloth of Kaaba) is about to change by old with new Kiswah on the 9th Dhu Al Hijjah (30th July), Thursday said the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. Related : The blessed day of Arafat

The gatekeepers of the Holy Kaaba carry a delicate, precise task to change the black cloth embroidered with gold draped over the Holy structure, as they do it every year.

- About 160 artisans and technicians will take part in re-decorating the Kaaba new kiswah on Thursday (30th July). This process will happen every year on the 9th day of the Dhu Al Hijjah month, Just a day before Eid Al Adha. Recommend : Kaaba Kiswah raised up from the ground, marking the beginning of the Hajj season

- This is the day where all the Hajj pilgrims will be at Mount Arafat to perform the most important ritual of their Hajj pilgrimage and the Kaaba gets a new key.

- Changing of Kiswah will be done in a unique way, The new kiswa will hung over the old from the top before the latter is removed from underneath.

- Kiswah consumes about 700 kilograms of pure silk and 120 kilograms of golden and silver threads. It is made up of pure silk and the decoration of the Quran verses is done with gold and silver threads. It is manufactured in Kiswa factory at Umm Al Joud in the region of Makkah. See Also : 10,000 riyals fine on entering in Holy sites without permit during Hajj season

Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced with new One on 9th Dhu Al Hijjah -

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