Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Annual Hajj pilgrimage begins with limited number of Pilgrims in Makkah

The annual Haj pilgrimage commences today in Saudi Arabia on a drastically reduced scale due to coronavirus pandemic globally. Only about 1,000 Muslims begins their journey from holy city of Makkah to assemble in Mina. Trending : Saudi Civil Defense warns of 4 Violations

- 30% of them are Saudi citizens while the remaining 70% are foreign nationals (Expatriates) who live in Saudi Arabia. They will spend the night in Mina and move towards the plains of Arafat at dawn tomorrow for the day's main ritual of Haj-reciting prayers.

- Saudi authorities have put in place strict health norms to prevent spread of coronavirus during this Haj pilgrimage. Around 2.5 million pilgrims performed Haj last year in 2019 (1440H). Read: We do not want the Eid of Joy to become the source of danger

- This year Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia assigned one health leader for every 50 pilgrims, he will be in charge of ensuring that his team members are following all the precautionary and preventive measures stated by the authority, including social distancing and the movement between sacred places, for their safety and comfort.

- The health leader is a qualified health practitioner who will do visual screening, fill out the follow up precautionary form inside the pilgrims bus, monitor pilgrims and report any suspected case to the authority.

- Hajj pilgrims will not be allowed to touch Kaaba this year in order to limit the infection, Saudi Arabia has set up multiple health facilities, mobile clinics and ambulances to cater the pilgrims. See Also : What is Eid Al Ahda, How do Muslims celebrate it

- This year's Hajj pilgrims are the luckiest as they are chosen over millions, Saudi Arabia is providing VIP hospitality for all the pilgrims this year due to limited numbers.

Annual Hajj pilgrimage begins with limited number of Pilgrims in Makkah
Picture : A lucky woman, making Dua all alone at Masjid Al Haram just before Hajj 2020

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