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Ministry of Islamic Affairs clarifies The Rules for the Return of Prayers at Mosques in Saudi Arabia

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance Abd Al-Latif Al-Sheikh issued a circular clarifying the rules for the reopening of mosques for prayers in all the regions of Saudi Arabia except Makkah and isolated regions. Trending : International flights and Umrah pilgrimage continue to suspend until further notice in Saudi Arabia

1. Mosques would be open 15 minutes before the call to prayer (Adhaan) and closing it 10 minutes after prayer (Salah).

2. The time between the prayer call (Adhaan) and Iqamah (Starting of Salah) is reduced to 10 minutes.

3. Windows and doors of the Mosques should be kept open from the time of entering into mosque till the end of the prayer.

4. Quran's and other books should be temporarily removed from the Mosques. See Also : Domestic flights and Mosques to re-open from 31st May in Saudi Arabia

5. Worshipers should leave a distance of 2 meters between each other.

6. Leave a blank space between each row

7. Closure of water coolers and refrigerators

8. Distribution of water or food or anything else in mosque is not allowed.

9. Closure of ablution places and toilets. Most Viewed : Returning to Normalcy in stages - Minister of Health

10. Keep the suspension of lessons, programs and lectures as well as workshops of memorizing the Holy Quran in mosques and to continue education and lectures remotely as per the electronic media.

- The Minister directed the Imams of the mosques to tell the worshipers to take the precautionary measures, which includes

1. Wearing Cloth mask

2. Bring their own carpets with them and do not leave them after the prayer.

3. Do not bring children under the age of 15 years

5. Do not crowding while entering or leaving the mosques.

Friday Prayer :

All mosques in which congestion is observed at the time of Friday prayer and determine the nearest mosque to it for the Friday prayer to be held there,

1. First call to Friday prayer should be 20 minutes before the time begins and the mosques should be opened 20 minutes before the time. Recommend : Saudi Arabia recovers 63% of corona cases with 0.53% death rate

2. Mosques should be close after 20 minutes of prayer and Friday sermon should not exceed 15 minutes.

Islamic Affairs claries the rules to return the prayers in Mosques - Saudi-Expatriates.com

Islamic Affairs claries the rules to return the prayers in Mosques - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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