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International Flights, Umrah pilgrimage continue to be Suspended, Until Further Notice - Ministry Of Interior

Third : From June 21, 2020, normal situations in all regions and cities of the Kingdom will be returned as before the period of curfew procedures, except the city of Makkah, with full compliance with preventive health instructions and social divergence, and care to protect the highest-risk groups from infection, especially for the elderly and those with chronic and respiratory diseases. Read : First and Second - Ministry of Interior

Fourth : With regard to the city of Makkah; the procedures are applied in the first item will be started from May 31, 2020 until the end of June 20, 2020. The second item will be started from June 21, 2020.

Fifth : Emphasizing on all citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia by taking all means and procedures related to limiting the transmission of infections, such as wearing masks, hand washing, sterilization, and social distancing.

Sixth : Movement permits for necessary, emergency and other situations during the curfew period are obtained through the approved paper authorization form, electronic permits, (Tawakkalna) application.

Seventh : Allowing residents of neighborhoods to practice walking in their neighborhoods during the curfew period referred to in (first) and (second) above, while adhering to the necessary precautionary health measures and social distancing.

Eighth : Minor pilgrimage and visiting will continue to be suspended, and this will be reviewed periodically in light of health data.

Ninth : Continuity of suspension of international flights until further notice.

Tenth : All the above measures are subjected to assessment and periodic review by the Ministry of Health to consider extending any stage or returning to taking strict precautionary measures as required by the health data.

Eleventh : Punishments will be imposed on individuals and facilities that violate the decisions and instructions related to the measures of limitation the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The official source asked citizens, residents and employers to sense responsibility, strictly follow to precautionary and preventive measures, as well as the directions issued by the competent authorities.

International Flights, Umrah continue to be Suspended, Until Further Notice - Ministry Of Interior - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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